Harwich successfully hosted an excellent morning of running as a record entry of 95 teams contested the Essex Road Relays along the Dovercourt seafront last Saturday. Those using the 9am parkrun as their warmup were able to both witness and even playfully taunt the Harwich organisational machine working tigerishly in full race preparation mode with some extra duties this year including marquee erection and clearing critical areas of the recently storm ravished promenade from sand and seaweed.

Thankfully weather conditions were benign for both competitors and spectators alike although residents will attest that this area of the Essex coastline is never entirely free from the occasional zephyr-cum-hurricane  And so it was that the 1st leg combatants set off in good spirits clutching that cylindrical piece of pipework, lavishly adorned  in black plastic and containing the small magic gizmo that would not only record their timed 5k effort down to 100th of a second but would also probably shape their mood for the rest of the weekend. Such is the Power of 10 Runner's psyche.
Meanwhile later stage runners turned their attention to embrace the new handover access corridor procedures which by and large worked well to improve the congestion from  previous years. The holding area marquee was a welcome addition and here I am indebted to a suggestion for improvement, courtesy of Thurrock Harriers veteran section, who enquired as to what time the marquee bar opened. Well the idea has my vote.

Despite their protestation of a weakened squad Havering AC duly took the Essex men's title with Rob Warner recording the fastest run of the morning of 16 mins 1.42 secs, with Southend AC and Cochester AC in silver and bronze respectively. The ladies championship proved to be an exciting affair with two well prepared Chelmsford AC teams swapping the lead and Southend AC not too far adrift. It was eventually left to a standout run of 17mins 10.46 secs by Chelmsford's Kim Johansen to settle the issue with the fastest ladies run of the morning. The veterans races were extremely closely fought; no more so than in the M50 when a Ridley / Dobson shootout resulted in a final advantage of a mere 8 seconds in favour of the Colchester man over the Strider. In the M40 Havering were always chasinga very strong Orion outfit but still kept the final margin down to under a minute with Colchester a not too distant third. The same pattern repeated itself in the ladies 35 section with Colchester finally overhauling a very strong challenge from Saffron Striders and the host Club Harwich taking the bronze. Colchester again left it late in the F45 section coming through in the ultimate leg to gold ahead of Southend and Springfield Striders taking the bronze.

In the Non Championship race for runners not Essex qualified, Great Bentley were the first team of 4 to cross the line.
Congratulations to all winners and medalists and to everybody involved...With apologies for excess cheese but what better way for everyone to show their love of the sport.
The main results are below but full results are available on

Havering Men's Winning Team

Southend AC Mens Silver Ladies Bronze and V45 Ladies Silver 

Male Open

1 4 Havering 1:5:31.68
1  Paul Grange 16:28.67,2  Jamie Buckley-Stanton 16:14.10, 3 James Stewart 16:47.49, 4 Rob Warner 16:1.42

2 18 Southend AC 1:7:53.17 
1  Rhys Gillard 16:52.88,2  Sam Norris 17:15.41, 3 Joe Ray 17:7.40, 4   Lee Taylor 16:37.48

3 11 Colchester Harriers 1:8:20.23
1 Chris Sellens 16:58.34, 2 Ed Mitchell 16:47.42, 3 Oscar Dawson 17:27.19, 4 Adam Sawyer 17:7.28


1 83 Orion  0:51:8.60.
1 Adam Baker 16:.47.56, 2 Mark Dillon 17:28.05, 3 Nick Sasha 16:52.99

2 39 Havering 0:51:52.60
1 Steve Rand 17:0.52, 2 Martin Chester 17:36.38, 3 Jason Lendon 17:15.70

3 50 Colchester Harriers 0:52:12.31
1 Paul Rodgers 17:41.91, 2 Ged McMillan 17:22.67, 3 Richard Heath 17:7.73


1 52 Colchester Harriers 0:54:25.06,
1 Pete West 18:27.71, 2 Richard Flutter 18:38.91, 3 Colin Ridley 17:18.44

2 75 Springfield Striders 0:54:33.62
1 Robin McCoy 18:2.02, 2 Paul Broome 18:59.78, 3 Paul Dobson  17:31.82

3 40 Havering 0:55:26.40
1 Gary Atkins 18:32.91, 2 Paul Berrett 19:53.22, 3 Matt Bland 17:0.27


Female Open

1 86 Chelmsford AC 0:56:13.12
1 Rebecca Luxton 18:48.23, 2  Hayley Pegg  20:14.43, 3  Kim Johansen 17:10.46

2 85 Chelmsford AC 0:59:1.96
1 Wendy King 19:2.73, 2 Alex Joel 18:14.09, 3 Erin Minton Branfoot 21:45.14

3 70 Southend AC 1:0:5.61
1 Hayley Ann Lamkin19:44.34, 2 Kerry Holland  19:26.50, 3 Sarah Pennington 20:54.77


1 55 Colchester Harriers 0:59:20.87
1 Helen Tacznski 19:48.08, 2 Ellie Cumner 20:30.84, 3 Sarah Stradling 19:1.95

2 43 Saffron Striders 0:59:46.81
1 Rebecca White19:15.18, Fiona Halls 20:51.68, 3 Marianne Naylor 19:39.95

3 25 Harwich Runners 1:2:26.3
1 Claudine Benstead 20:50.00, 2  Madeline Lewis 21:7.88, 3  Kate Hodgkiss 20:28.50


1 56 Colchester Harriers 1:4:12.81
1 Debbie Cattermole 21:23.40, 2 Steph Horner  22:24.11, 3 Denise Morley 20:25.30

2 69 Southend AC 1:5:55.31
1 Anne Jenkinson 20:56.68, 2 Vanessa Mathers 22:24.38, 3  Sue Cribbs 22:34.25

3 80 Springfield Striders 1:6:21.10
1 Rebecca Pitman 20:52.14, 2 Nicki Ranson 22:6.08, 3 Donna Morris 23:22.88



Runners in Action

Runners in Action

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