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Running a race using somebody else's number without informing the organiser is strictly prohibited. 

The race organiser may not allow number transfers.

In races, the wearing of headphones is mainly prohibited and you will be disqualified if seen. Organisers state in their entry procedures whether headphones are allowed.The rulebook says

You can download the site's events calendar and import it into other calendars such as Google or Outlook. Click here and follow your intuition.

All club runners will need their Unique Registration Number from England Athletics to enter races and claim their £2 discount. If you have forgotten your number, use this link to find it. Follow the instructions on the site. Go here

You can belong to as many clubs as you like, but only one can be your first claim club and the one you compete for. You can't compete for one club one week and another the following week. To change your first claim club, print off the form, complete and send off with your cheque to cover the admin fee. The form is available here.

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