Please help complete this section by sending a brief decription of your parkrun with a couple of photos. One small and one large. The parkrun should be within the Essex AA area (east of the Lea).

Juniors will be added later.


This is a 2 lap all tarmac and flat course. Starts at cafe & toilets in centre of park. Towards the allotment, next to the lake, up through the gardens and round the edge of the park.

This is a 3 lap, clockwise course. Starts next to the cafe. Tarmac, grass, gravelly / stony single track paths.

Course consists of two laps (one 2.4km lap & 2.6km) utilising paths around the park, the perimeter of the football fields and part of the Beckton Corridor.

This is a 4 lap anti clock-wise course. The start and finish in close proximity, both near to the cafe.

Undulating 1 lap, anti & clockwise figure of 8 trail course with the Heartbreak Hill at the end of Weald Country Park course.

This is a multi terrain, two lap course starting on the field near the Dengie 100 Sports Centre.

The course starts next to a moderately sized grass area along the sea wall parallel to the parking spots.

One-lap course taking you through 2 of the main parks (Central & Admiral) on a mixture of footpaths and cycle paths.

3 lap between Beach Diner & Toby Carvery until the Pier on top promenade and returning on beachfront promenade.

A scenic two-lap course, all on trail. The route starts next to the skate park and leads around the football pitches and left into the top field.

Two lap, anti-clockwise, course made up of mostly gravel tracks and grassy sections. Whilst the course is predominantly flat, there is a hill at the start of the second lap.

A clockwise 2 'and a bit' lap course. The route is fairly simple and has one left turn. The rest of the route follows the main path.

Undulating one lap course with stunning views across the Thames Estuary and partially on the 2012 Olympic mountain bike trail.

2 full lap, with a third mini lap to finish undulating course, going anticlockwise around Harlow Town Park.

One lap, mainly on grass with a few stretches of tarmac, but it is possible to run the whole route on grass though.

Lap and a half of the park then down to onto an out and back run along the entire length seafront promenade, which is fast and flat, past the historic lighthouses before return back to the park. 

September 2017 - Closed & Relocated to Castle Park, Bishops Stortford 

The start is a few yards through the right hand gate as you enter Chanterelle Car Park and follows the main path down to the stream

A two lap, clockwise, scenic, undulating course within the confines of Hockley Woods (the largest remaining area of wild wood, which covered Essex after the Ice Age 10,000 years ago).

Two laps around the park near the seawall.

The course is at Markshall Estate, Coggeshall, Colchester. The course is run on a combination of grass, gravel paths and permanent paths.

3 lap loop course from car park to sea wall to pill box at Cudmore Grove Country Park.

The course is 3 laps (2 large laps followed by 1 small lap). 100% tarmac course. Large lap - Down the hill, by the lake, round the edge of football pitches and tennis courts. 

Two lap flat course run mainly on grass with some tarmac. 

Looks like on lap anticlockwise. The course is run on a mixture of concrete paths, trail paths and grass. Some sections of the course may accumulate mud, leaves and puddles after rain.

Flat 3 lap anticlockwise course on well maintained tarmac and concrete paths near the sea wall.

Thurrock parkrun is a 2-lap course all on grass following the edge of the recreation ground.

Starts near the Valentines Park Café, and continues main path to the far end of the boating lake on edge of park followed by two anti-clockwise laps of the park returning back to north side of the boating lake.

The course is a horseshoe around Victoria Dock, entirely on the dockside path. Starting near the community hut in the Crystal gardens, proceed along the north side of Victoria Dock. 

3 and a bit laps in in an anti-clockwise direction keeping behind the football goalposts. Course is mainly flat and grassy.

Our way-marked course spans Harrow Road and Bush Wood, comprised of two laps of 2.5km. Run on a mixture of grass and trails. 

Two and a bit laps, anti-clockwise, scenic, flat course mainly on permanent paths. The course follows the perimeter of the park, parts of which are tree lined, alongside the river Crouch. There is a small section of trail.

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