East London fiVe Interclub Series (ELVIS).
This a race series which is primarily between east London clubs.  However, each race is open to all

runners, regardless of their club (or not).

There is an Open competition for competitors of all clubs. In addition there will be an interclub team competition between the 9 organising clubs only – Barking Road Runners, Dagenham 88, Havering 90, Orion Harriers, Eton Manor, East London Runners, East End Road Runners, Harold Wood RC and Ilford AC.

Open Competition:

Rules: Individual competitors can compete in any 5 of the 7 races to qualify for the Grand Prix. If more than 5 races are completed the best 5 positions will be used in the scoring/ Finishing positions in each race will be used to calculate the Grand Prix position .

More information on the ELVIS website



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